Thursday, November 8, 2007


Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
Book 3 in Twilight Series

Bella has fallen in love with Edward who is a vampire. This love is definitely more then just a normal schoolgirl crush and she wants to be with him forever. This of course has impacted her relationship with her best friend, Jacob, who is a werewolf. She struggles with some of the normal schoolgirl issues of school, keeping her parents happy, relationships with her peers, but also has the cloud of death hanging over her.

Personally I love this entire series. It is well written and for being a “tween” book it isn’t too childish even for adults who like supernatural stories. At the same time, I find a lot of books designed for the tween market a little over the top for me (maybe I am being old fashioned in this) but I really don’t want to read about 14 year olds having sex. Even if it is not described in detail like it would be in an adult romance. So the appeal of having a book designed for 11 – 14 year olds that has a heroine that is both older (17 years old) as well as not having her jump into sexual escapades (even if in other books they end badly teaching them a lesson) is quite refreshing. While some might be scared off by giving a younger person a book about vampires, I would find this book a good buy for someone you wanted to appeal to in that age bracket.

Romance: 3.5 (A lot of love and desire to be together they REALLY love each other)
Sex: 1.2 (Nothing above kissing and a little talk about whether sex is right – and it is decided not right now)
Mystery: 1.5
Violence: 3 (It is a vampire book – you have to expect a little bit of blood and fighting but it truly doesn’t get into a gore-fest)
Overall: 4.5 (I will be waiting for the next book!)

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