Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sorcery and the Single Girl

Sorcery and the Single Girl by Mindy Klasky

Witch Jane Madison has all the problems every single girl has, but add to it a familiar who is human and lives with her. Jane’s newest flame seems intent on winning her heart but she has been burned before. She also has the town’s coven to contend with. She is a new witch and her familiar, her warder, and she must practice if she is to be skilled enough to be asked to join them. And if she isn’t skilled enough she loses everything – her books, her familiar and her friend and warder.

Book 2 after “Girls Guide to Witchcraft” tells more in the story of Jane. It is pretty fluffy in terms of a book, you know who’s bad and she seems pretty stupid to not be figuring it out herself, but then again it could be the magic. But for an easy read about magic this is a fine place to start.

Romance: 2 (Not really romantic though she finds a guy for a while)
Sex: 2
Mystery: 2
Violence: 1
Overall: 2.5

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