Monday, March 24, 2008

Out of the Night

Out of the Night by Robin T. Popp (Night Slayer Book 1)

What was this book about?
Lanie Weber heads out to a secret research lab to recover the body of her father. Mac Knight is the pilot that is hired to take her there, though he has his own reasons for going to this secluded location. Once there they realize her father’s body isn’t where it should be. Mac is attacked by a strange creature and they need to figure out what exactly is going on.

What was your favorite part about this book?

I love the little baby chupacabra Gem. She is sweet and lovable (unlike the adult ones that turn people into vampires).

What was your least favorite part about this book?
Because I had read Book 2 first I knew a lot of things that it took them all book long to figure out. That was a bit frustrating – I wanted to scream at them “That isn’t how it works” because I already knew that!

What genre would you consider this?

Paranormal Romance

Overall: B, I enjoyed it overall and want to keep reading the series but it isn’t on the top of my “Must reads”

Possible Spoilers: I enjoyed the fact that we see how Dirk is converted into a changeling. I also genuinely like Lanie, her father, and all characters.

If I was to nominate this book for an award it would be:
Most Creative Vampire Story

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