Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Divorcing Dwayne

Divorcing Dwayne by J.L. Miles
What was this book about?

Francine Harper is a small town girl who found the love of her life and was starting to move on with her married life. When all of a sudden she finds her husband in bed with his ex-girlfriend stripper. She does what any woman would do - she shoots at hiim and ends up in jail.

Her time in jail has changed Francine. She must rely on her family and friends to get her out of this mess. Her man - Dwayne - wants her back - but does she want him? When her crime ends up making her a celebrity - Francine is brought into the world of movies and all the things that brings with it - fame, love, and pain.

Add on to this the fact that Dwayne disappears and she is wanted for his murder. Francine can't help but think that Dwayne is alive but messed up in something that he shouldn't be (gasp - the mob!).

What did you think about the book?

Parts of this book I really enjoyed while other parts left me wanting more. If you want to read about small town country living this is the book for you. Everyone knows everyone else's business (for better or worse).

I thought I would really like the twist of the movies coming to town and liking Francine (and hiring her) would be great. And I really did love how she got all these fans and became a spokesperson for a cause (without speaking or intending to represent anything). I guess for me the hard part was the description of Francine and how she could become this hot actress/love interest if she was dumpy and unsure of herself (like her description). Also I just didn't like Dwayne. You spend the whole book supposed to hating him you just can't believe he will be redeemed.

While I think some people would really enjoy this book - for me it was only so/so.

What genre would you consider this?


Question for You!
Do you believe that once a cheater is always a cheater? Would you go back to someone who had repetitively cheated on their partners?

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