Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thin is the New Happy

Thin is the New Happy by Valerie Frankel

What was this book about?

Valerie Frankel explores her years growing up as an overweight kid. Then it progresses into her teenage years. Finally at some point she finds ways to not be overweight but they aren’t healthy for her emotionally or physically. This yo-yo of not thin enough to being what she felt was just plain overweight was hard on her.

She didn’t want to pass this emotional wreck on to her children like it was passed on to her from her mother. So she explores what made her go back and forth with the weight. Then she starts her own sort of diet. Her goal is to stop making weight an issue. And by doing that she is able to finally control her weight in a healthy way that makes her happy.

What did you think about the book?

I think it was just coincidence (and not some subconscious thought) that I happened to randomly pick this book up off my book shelf of “to be read” books the day I decided I was tired of thinking that I looked fat in pictures and needed to do something about it. I don’t diet. I rarely exercise (I like to say I am allergic to it since I break out and itch constantly and my hands swell when I do anything physical of some sort).

Anyways I picked this up and was like “oh no” is this book going to help or hurt. In some ways I don’t identify with the main character. Growing up I didn’t have problems with my weight or issues of that sort. There were times in college, or when I was in my 20’s where I wanted to lose weight but it wasn’t something where people were telling me I wasn’t think enough (with the exception of one boyfriend who was constantly on me to lose weight – even though I was well within the healthy range).

Despite not identifying with the author in that way I really did like the book. The fact that she revisits the past and contacts someone who was always mean to her. We all have that person (or persons) that we wish we knew where they were or what they were up to.

I have to say I loved her “Not Diet”. I think what worked for her (and hopefully most people like me) isn’t the strict rules of No white bread or pasta but more a mentality. Try to go work out as much as you can. Try to eat more vegetables. Try to eat several times a day – with moderation. Don’t stress about it. Don’t worry about it. But do the things that you know are just good for you – not good for your weight.

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Question for You!
So what do you do when you feel like you need to diet? Work out? Change your food? Do you think diets really work?

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