Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Odd Mom Out

Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter

What was this book about?

Marta Zisser moved to Seattle because her mother was ill and a job opportunity came up. When the job fell through she opened her own ad business. It was tough balancing being a single mom and owning a business that was thriving.

Her 10 year old daughter Eva is like every girl. She has moved to a new town and wants to be accepted. She loved New York and everything it represented and this is nothing like it. She will do anything to become like one of the other girls.

So to her – her mom represents something bad. The other mom’s are concerned about what car you drive and what you wear. Her mother is more into being comfortable.

Can Marta find her place in Seattle society? Does that mean giving up everything she is? Can she find love when she is least looking for it?

What did you think about the book?

I have read all of Jane Porter’s books by now and for me this was the best one. I loved it. I loved the character of the mother and the daughter (and even the love interest). The mom especially for me was a great character. She was unusual, she fought the need to be like everyone else (for her own comfort an for her daughter), it hurt when her daughter acted like a normal teenager.

Even the romance for me was believable.

What genre would you consider this?

Romance/Family Dynamics


Question for You!
Would you ever consider artificial insemination by a random sperm donor? What would be the risks in your eyes?

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