Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Book Feature: Blood Bar

By Norm Applegate
Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Book
Publication Date: January 2009
Pages: 305
Price: $14.00
Description: Kim Bennett (who is featured in Applegate's other books as well) is a woman who is sure of herself. She is a madame who is into the S&M game and has recently delved into solving murders. When an acquaintance calls her and asks her to help because her lover - a vampire - was murdered, Kim runs to her side.

This takes her on an adventure that has Kim (and many others) looking for this vampire book - The Black Testament. The Black Testament was supposedly written by Jack the Ripper and has all sort of secrets in it. As far as Kim is concerned vampires don't really exist. So this is all some weird story. But as she gets deeper into the world Kim has to start to wonder. Maybe they do exist.

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