Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book Review: Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay by Susan Mallery

Description: Megan has it all. A father who dotes on her. A wonderful cardiologist fiance. A great successful job. Then one day things start to fall apart. The men in her life which were her backbone start to disappoint her and she just doesn't know if she can recover. Add to that a mother who is incredibly needy and a sister who seems to never be there for her (or could that be more of Megan's portrayal then the truth)?

Megan has great friends though and they are going to help her through it all. When bad boy Travis reenters her life she can't help but be attracted to him just like she was when she was a teen. Many bad things have happened to Travis and he isn't the nice guy that she thought he was back then - or is he? He has returned and there is more to him then meets the eye.

Thoughts: One of my favorite things about Susan Mallery books is her insite not only into people's romantic relationships but their relationships with their families. Many times her book is as much about the bonds between sisterhood or with their parents as it is about finding the person you are meant to be with. For me that was especially true in this book.

In some ways this book is about Megan finding herself and doing what she wants with her life - not so much about the romance between her and Travis. The romance is still a big part of things - but less so then the other things that are going on in her life - job, marriage, family etc.

I hope there are more in this series and we can see even more of Megan in the future.

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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

This one looks good.

Angela said...

I'll have to tell my mother about this book - she loves romance novels.

Thanks for the review.