Saturday, June 20, 2009

Book Review: The Shadow Queen

The Shadow Queen by Anne Bishop

Description: The people in Dena Nehele have been devastated by many bad Queens who have only been interested in what was good for them. They now need a Queen who knows how to do things properly and the war that has been going on there for decades has removed all of those.

So away they go to the Shadow Realm and ask for help. There Lady Cassidy, a Queen without a court, has been waiting for her place in life. She isn't the most beautiful or the most powerful but going to Dena Nehele may be the best thing for her and for the people there. If she agrees to go and be their Queen she will have to stand firm in what she believes in. Deal with a man who wants her so badly and yet has been abused in the past and isn't quite what she is used to. Can she do it?

Thoughts: Lately I have been reading quite a few books that when I got into them I enjoyed them. I don't know if Anne Bishop plans on writing another book that has to do with Dene Nahale or if this was a single book in the larger Black Jewels series but I enjoyed it and would but my vote in for another book.

Cassidy is a strong queen who has done what she needs to for the people (and solved some mysteries in the process). She may not have all the power but she does have willpower and a strong knowledge of what is right. It would also be fun to see how Gray progresses. At first he is a man child who has been hurt so badly he can't age. But upon meeting Cassidy he begins his progression into the man that he could be. We don't get to see this finished progression and it would be great to see where he goes from here.

The Black Jewel books can be a little confusing (which is why the needed glossary in the front is a life saver) but at the same time I think there is so much good stuff and imagination going on there in this complicated world - that it is worth spending the time to figure it out.

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