Friday, June 26, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter Reviews Love Equals Sacrifice

The Well-Read Commuter Reviews Love Equals Sacrifice
By: Michael Stidham

What this book is about: As a Certified Public Accountant, Michael Stidham dealt with numbers most of his career. Alzheimer's was just another passing word he heard on television. Little did he know that one word would become a focal point in his life. So began his journey back to the Catholic Faith and the realization that Love Equals Sacrifice.

Did you like this book: With Alzheimer’s set to ravage the Baby Boomer generation, I think voices of unpaid family caregivers, such as Stidham, will be of great importance and comfort to those that seek to fill the role of family caregiver. I think this was an interesting book because it was from the perspective of a male caregiver’s point of view. Many books of these sorts deal with the perspective of a female caregiver. Stidham also did not delve extensively into the back story of his family before the disease, but rather stuck to the nuts and bolts of his routine as a caregiver and his journey back to his faith. I thought there were several points in the book that Stidham really could have elaborated more so that it was not so matter of fact, but overall an interesting and short read.

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