Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Book Review: Sins of a Wicked Duke

Sins of a Wicked Duke by Sophie Jordan

Fallon O'Rourke has fallen on hard times. Abandoned into a school where violence was taught as much as academics - she has grown into being an adult through sheer willpower. With the help of two of her friends that she met in that school she has prospered.

She now has a job working for the ton of society. Unfortunately a young woman who is attractive working leads to many problems. The young men can't keep their hands off of her. What is a girl to do?

Instead Fallon decides to become a boy and get a job as a young man - that should stop the problem. Little does she know that job will land her on the doorstep of Dominic Hale - a libertine Duke who is known for sleeping around. When she starts to work for Dominic, Fallon figures out the problem immediately - she is attracted to him. When he finds out who she really is can he keep his hands off of her? Or is she going to have to move on to another job?

Thoughts: This was a really fun romance. At first I was a bit surprised (I haven't seen a historical romance start in the way this one has - with a hot scene in a carriage involving our hero, heroine and two random women the hero has picked up). But honestly that only set the tone for the sort of man that Dominic was before he met Fallon.

Fallon can't help but change the man that she has fallen in love with. The real problem is - can he admit his own love for her. I am looking forward to reading Margauerite and Evie's books which will be coming soon.

What genre would you consider this?
Historical Romance