Monday, July 5, 2010

July Book Giveaway- Our Summer Cleaning= Your Summer Reading

We have over 20 books to give away this month!  The first three books are: Millionare's Son, Easy Money and Home Before Dark.  To enter respond to this post with just your first name and then e-mail your address and the books you are interested in winning to  Winners will be announced all month.  Our summer clean up equals your summer reading! Whether you are traveling, on a staycation or haven't had a vacation since Clinton was in office, try some new authors and enjoy some great summer reading on us.

The Millionaire's Son  Product Description
Just when you thought money buys everything!
Born a star to his mother, a young man's life becomes entangled in a web of misfortune and sacrifices he is not yet ready to make. While being raised in the violent slums of Washington D.C., a young man by the name of Whiteboy tells his story about his life and the struggles he endures along his tiresome journey. Amongst friends hides many close enemies, as the hour glass drains so does much of his steam trying to cope with tragedy and triumph in days time. Whiteboy the son of a successful businessman who has earned millions throughout his life without seeing one dime from his father or spending much time with him, the male role models become apparent when the streets come calling to Whiteboy! Living in a shack with his single mother struggling he tries to make life easier by being the man of the house even though he has a police record, his hustle and grind never stops! "The Millionaire's Son" is a touching account of a young man's journey inside of the hood, despite being the son of a millionaire. A life story worth reading! When hood banging meets the political side of the streets? The Millionaire's Son Screams!

Easy Money Product Description:

"I'm tired of being broke," Skip shouted. "We've got to make some money. And I'm not talking about flipping burgers kind of money." Skip was a high school graduate living in an upscale community.
Skip's partner in crime "Greg" was under constant surveillance. "All the fine women like brothers with cash," Greg uttered as he inhaled on a joint. He was a part time cashier working at a fast food restaurant.
"Weed," Skip commented. "We can sale marijuana and make some quick cash. It's not like we'll be selling hard drugs. It's natural; weed comes from the earth." Greg was intrigued with the possibilities.
Greg and Skip proceeded on their mission to sale drugs. Find out whether or not they can sale drugs without getting locked up. Will they be able to lure the women of their dreams with the fast cash? Or does life have something completely different in store for them.

Home Before Dark Product Description:
Psychologist David Treadway reacted with shock when diagnostics revealed his stage 4 lymphoma; he was “riddled with cancer.” But the journey “in two parallel worlds”—of medicine and marriage—that his wife Kate, a doctor in the hospital treating him, underwent most distinguishes their account of catastrophic illness initially written, at David’s urging, by Kate and their sons Michael and Sam in 2006, the first anniversary of David’s diagnosis, when recurrence and bone marrow treatment likely loomed.


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