Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More FREE Books in the July Book Giveaway

We have over 20 books to give away this month!  To enter respond to this post with just your first name and then e-mail your address and the books you are interested in winning to Winners will be announced all month. Our summer clean up equals your summer reading! Whether you are traveling, on a staycation or haven't had a vacation since Clinton was in office, try some new authors and enjoy some great summer reading on us.

Selfless Product Description

In 1980 s Pittsburgh, Jonathan Schwartz's carefree life is under assault. His sisters seem intent on doing him irreparable psychological harm. There s Nadia, with her unfathomable Machiavellian schemes, and Olivia, tease and temptress, whose beauty wreaks havoc among his friends. And his Holocaust survivor grandparents? There are no words. When his father, the acclaimed writer, is accused of stealing the books that made him famous, Jon's family implodes once and for all, and he must set off in search of what has been lost. His is a journey that ultimately requires him to find more than answers. It requires him to find himself.

Gold Digger Nation Product Description:
Gold Digger Nation by Hal Roback urges readers to rethink marriage and cohabitation. He articulates the horrible scenario that our Gold Digger Laws could possibly mean not only in divorce but in marriage, as well. Roback fills the book with insights and advice for anyone contemplating a more permanent relationship, as well as a heartfelt letter to sons and daughters everywhere. Provocative and informative, Gold Digger Nation is sure to make anyone think twice before signing a marriage license or a lease.

Met with Red Ties Product Description:

Men with Red Ties is a fascinating up-close account of the women who nightly create the glittery illusions of male fantasy, and the world of power, perversion, money, and lust they inhabit. With irony and biting wit, Palikarpava tells the story of these women who strut and sway to the music by night, and wake in the morning to resume their lives as young immigrants trying to make it in the city, yearning for home, and chasing already broken dreams. Meet Alina, Lena, and Alexa, pretty playthings who outwit their clients, while catering to—and seeing through—their status. Behind the scenes, their musings reveal them as complex, yet vulnerable, women ever aware of the absurdity of their work, and the underlying boredom and unhappiness of the men they serve. Ripping the curtain back on the glamorous world of elite strip clubs, the author reveals the hidden plight of young women bound by friendship and desperation, struggling to find themselves amidst the corrupting glare of the stage lights.


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