Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lord of Scandal

Lord of Scandal by Nicola Cornick

Heiress Catherine Fenton can’t help but be attracted to bad-boy Lord Hawksmoor. As they are brought into a world of intrigue by her step-mother, her fiancé, and her father – he wants to know more about her. She finally learns to be more then just any other milksop young maiden when he stops being a gentleman.

While parts of this were intriguing, other parts were just a little slow. The plot with her family totally drops away to be only about her only to rear its ugly head at the end. You almost feel like things were to easy and then it throws you a little curve ball. And the rest of the characters are all unlikable. Everyone has issues that makes you unhappy to be around them, even the ones that seemed like they could end up having a redeeming quality. In fact Ben’s friend Paris is totally useless and gives nothing to the story.

Romance: A little – mostly he only wants her cause he wants her money. At least for a while
Sex: Some
Mystery: A little
Violence: There is some death
Overall: D+

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