Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Marriage Game

The Marriage Game by Fern Michaels

Samantha Rainford receives her divorce papers just 3 weeks after she returns from her honeymoon. She and her former-supermodel friend Slick decide they are ready to do something new and exciting with their lives and try to join the FBI. There Sam finds out that her 3-week husband has done this before – at least three other times. She meets those women and an instant bond is formed. After flunking out of the FBI she and Slick are approached by some secret American vigilante group who is willing to train them. They pursue that while meeting men that they can’t help but love.

While the book itself flowed quickly and kept me interested I had one major issue with it (and a few minor ones). The story of her husband and his ex-wives is almost a separate story that doesn’t really fit in with the other part of the story which is her training at this secret agent camp and falling in love. It is tried to be brought together at the end, and everything is resolved but in general it just doesn’t fit that well. My minor issue seems like a silly one – but I really just don’t see a “hero” with the name Pappy. I see an old man or grandfather, especially when Pappy in no way is a shortening or nickname of Kollar Havapopulas. So for the first half of the time I met him I had to ignore his name or I just couldn’t picture him.

Romance: A little
Sex: Not really they have it but you don’t really read about it
Mystery: No
Violence: No
Overall: B-, while a good read after thinking about the whole thing it just didn’t fit together as well as I wish it had. Not to mention why is Fern Michaels always writing about vigilantes.

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