Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Time to Die

A Time to Die by Beverly Barton

Bodygaurd Deke Bronson has a history with Lexie Murrough – though she doesn’t know about it. Lexie was involved in a shooting ten years before and it may have been then special-ops Deke’s bullet that left her temporarily paralyzed. Now she needs him to protect her as someone is back from her past to reek revenge for something she didn’t do.

This is a suspense novel that leaves you wondering until the very end. While I had my suspicions about who may have “done it” the book doesn’t let on as to who it will be. In fact it throws you several curve balls along the way trying to convince you it may be other people. Thrown in for good measure is a romance between body guard Deke and threatened Lexie. Both seem to fit together without distracting from the other. And you can’t help but admire Deke both for saving Lexie in the beginning and for keeping away from her (as good as he can) this time.

Romance: Some – but it isn’t just about that
Sex: Some
Mystery: Definitely
Violence: Yes – not in depth
Overall: B, this isn’t a feel good book in terms of you won’t read the whole thing and feel light and happy. But it is a good book.

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