Friday, January 4, 2008

Secrets of a Proper Lady

Secrets of a Proper Lady by Victoria Alexander

Lady Cordelia Bannister and American Daniel Sinclair have been told by their respective parents that they must marry. Their families each have something to gain in this marriage and it really is needed in order for their lives to progress in the manner they are accustomed. Cordelia decides she isn’t going to just randomly marry any man – she wants to know more about Daniel and so she approaches his secretary Warren in the park, pretending to be her cousin and companion. Little does she know she hasn’t met with Warren but instead with Daniel himself. So back and forth things go, with each not telling the other the truth about themselves, and yet finding that they have feelings for the other.

This typical romance is definitely one for every historical romance lover. The characters are likeable and strong (despite Cordelia being a little self-centered). The story is definitely one of those if only they had just talked things would have worked out so much quicker. But in the end you know they belong together and they have grown as people so you can’t help but walk away with a warm glow.

Romance: Definitely – they even have a period of letter exchange that starts out snippy and ends sweet
Sex: What is a romance without some seduction, but it definitely isn’t on the heavy side
Mystery: None
Violence: None
Overall Grade: B+

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