Thursday, January 31, 2008

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune by Julia London

The baby of three, and surrounded by beautiful and brainy sisters, Rachel Lear has always felt a little bit like she didn’t fit. She has been working on her PhD forever, needs to lose a few pounds, and has been relying on her father for financial support for years. He has been diagnosed with colon cancer and wants her to learn to stand on her own two feet since he feels he may not be around forever. So she is forced to start working odd jobs and just being on her own. While dabbling in a little white magic with her friend Dagne she begins to find Flynn Oliver everywhere she goes. Is this the man for her? He sure seems so. Until she finds out the real reason he is involved with her.

While I enjoyed the romance and the story of her messing around with a little white magic and then finding him and believing that was why he was there – it wasn’t all that I was hoping it would be. It was pretty obvious early on what was going on with her ex/friend coming over all the time and being a general loser. I don’t know why her or anyone else would put up with it (but then again it is easy for me to say – hard if I actually had to do it). I just don’t know how someone who was supposed to be in history had no interest and paid no attention to these random artifacts in her house. So while it was a good fast read – I don’t know that I even liked it enough to get the other two books in the series.

Romance: A little
Sex: A little
Mystery: It was supposed to have some but the whole thing seemed rather obvious to me
Violence: No
Overall: C

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