Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shadow Music

Shadow Music by Julie Garwood

Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel is an excellent catch for anyone be they in Scotland or England. She is both beautiful, kind, and there are tales of a treasure that is hiding in her kingdom (which has been taken over by King John). When she is promised to a Laird in Scotland, they travel there only to become involved both in a land war and her fiancé is killed. She is left alone and there is only one person who will help her, stand up for her, love her, and help her solve the mystery of her kingdom.

It is so nice when Julie Garwood writes a historical romance. I loved her other ones and get excited when a new one comes out. It was fun to hear of the other families you loved in her books and even get to see a little of the Buchanan family specifically. When you sit down with these books you can’t help but want to eat the whole thing up in one sitting. The story is good, the characters are people you can like (but still not feel are wimps), and while it isn’t all about them, there is a supporting story line, it is enough about them that you don’t fill like you were let down.

Romance: Yes
Sex: Yes, some – more classical romance novel
Mystery: A little – you want to know who is arranging all the dirty deeds that are happening to her.
Violence: A little
Overall: A-

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