Friday, January 25, 2008

Sealed with a Kiss

Sealed with a Kiss by Carly Phillips

Molly Griffin left her burgeoning relationship with criminal lawyer Daniel Hunter because of her past. She needed to find herself and her true father. She finds him and the family she always wished she had when she was growing up. Unfortunately, disaster strikes when he is arrested for a murder that he didn’t commit. Molly turns to the only person that she knows can help her – Daniel. Daniel is dealing with his own feelings of abandonment and ill-treatment from his years of growing up a foster kid and just doesn’t know how to handle Molly being back in his life.

I liked it. I really liked it. A sorta sequel to “Cross My Heart” with Lacey and Ty (foster kids with Daniel) you want to know what happens in the Molly/Daniel relationship. The things that happen (despite the murder charge) are understandable miscommunication and the fact that the baggage you have, you take with you everywhere you go. But it isn’t so heavy that you can’t get past that and see the real story progress – the murder investigation, their love, their trust issues etc.

Romance: Definitely
Sex: Definitely
Mystery: A little – if Molly’s dad didn’t kill the guy then who did?
Violence: Just that someone died other then that no
Overall: B+

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