Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not Quite A Lady

Not Quite A Lady by Loretta Chase

Lady Charlotte has a secret that she has kept the last ten years, and that secret has kept her from getting married. In her naïve youth, she fell for a cad, who seduced her and left her pregnant. While the secret has been well kept she knows that if she ever marries her secret will be out. Over the years she has been able to keep all men away, until she meets Darius Carsington. Darius can’t help but find out about the real Lady Charlotte and be attracted to her. And their instant attraction for one another keeps leading them into situations they can’t get out of.

This book starts out with a bang. You meet Charlotte and Darius. Darius is the youngest brother who has a history of just not feeling like he ever meets his families expectations and you just want him to finally do well. They are fun and likeable and you want to see them get together. While some part in the middle things slow down at the end everything wraps up just like you would like to see it.

Romance: Definitely
Sex: Some old fashioned romance novel
Mystery: Not a lot though you do have to figure out where Charlotte’s son is.
Violence: None
Overall Grade: B


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