Thursday, May 14, 2009

Book Review: Hungry for More

Hungry for More by Diana Holquist

Description:Amy Burns is a gypsy who can tell who someone's "One True Love" is. It is a gift she has lived with for most of her life and it is one that she doesn't want to give up. Amy is more then just a psychic but she is also a conman and drifter. When her gift disappears she will do anything to get it back. When she hears rumors of a woman who works for Chef James LaChance who has the powers that Amy used to have she will do anything to track that woman down.

James loves women and women are his inspiration for his dishes. But when he meets Amy his creations take on a whole new complexity and tastiness that makes him want her even more. Can he convince Amy to give up what she thinks she wants most out of life?

I thought this book was different and that is what I really enjoyed about it. Amy isn't the classic heroine who is good looking for a good man. In fact if anything Amy is a bit of a liar and a devil. But James brings out the best in her - just like she does for him.

I also enjoyed a touch of the supernatural twist in it that Amy is psychic. But the thing is Amy is so much more then just psychic and in some ways she feels like knowing "Ones True Love" is more of bad thing then a good one. It can change your life for either but in some ways it can destroy relationships.

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