Monday, May 25, 2009

Book Review: Outcast

Outcast by Cheryl Brooks

Description: Lynx has spent years being abused by women and only being used for his sexual prowess. And that means he wants nothing more then to stay a million miles away from any woman that may find him attractive. Then he meets Bonnie. Bonnie needs him for so much more then a lover - she is alone and pregnant and has a farm to maintain. And Lynx is her answer.

Their time together makes each wonder if there is more to the other then meets the eye. Lynx has been damaged and Bonnie just wants love and devotion. Can both of their needs be met?

Thoughts:When I read my first book in this series (though not the actual first book in the series) which was the last one, Rogue, I thought there was potential. For me this potential was met in this book. I really liked the characters and wanted them to get together. The one thing that bugged me a little about the last book (the fact that in an effort to be nice the girl was with both brothers even though she really only loved one of them) wasn't in this one. But the hot scenes still were.

If you are the type to be put off by creatures of different alien species getting together this isn't the series for you. But personally I believe that it just added something extra to the story line in terms of imagination. It really is a series of which I have never read the likes of before. Many of them have the same old types of people in them - the added dimension of a different species and different qualities - adds to the story and yet doesn't mean that the author can't still have just a good old fashioned love story.

What genre would you consider this?


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