Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Review: The Nonesuch

The Nonesuch by Georgette Heyer

Description:Ancilla Trent is a woman who chaperones others. She is too old for marriage (at least according to society). She is assigned the duties of watching Tiffany Weld she is not looking forward to it as this girl is known to be difficult. Tiffany (a very selfish young lady) runs off leaving Ancilla to deal wit the scandal.

When Sir Waldo Hawkridge inherits an estate in Oversett - he is the one most surpirsed. Sir Hawkridge is used to a different sort of society - and can't believe that he is stuck out in a place where there is a little less going on. But society in Oversett embraces him.

Sir Waldo Hawkridge is a kind man who helps Ancilla deal with this horrible occurrence. And what they both learn is love can come at any age.

Thoughts: What can I say - Waldo is just such a nice man. The story is traditional Georgette Heyer - a touch of Jane Austen and a romance that will keep you entertained. Her charecters are so fun loving and have the most interesting debacles and adventures. It makes you want to keep reading more.

Mind you I don't know if these books are for the average quick historical romance reader. Think of this as a book closer to a Pride and Prejudice then a juicy and hot romance. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't read it - just that you have the correct expectations.

The details in Georgette Heyer's books are amazing. They make you feel like you are really there in that time and location. A great read for those that just can't get enough of those sorts of details.

What genre would you consider this?


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