Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Book Review: Kiss An Angel

Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Description: Daisy Devereaux should be the classic rich girl who has everything who is spoiled and hates to work. But she isn't. Despite living a fun and care free life with her mother she is used to a different kind of work.

So when her mother dies and her father forces her to marry Alex Markov, she decides to treat it like just another job. Alex doesn't want anything to do with this former rich girl - he is used to protecting his heart and he isn't going to let her in no matter how hard she tries.

But once put together in a small town carnival - neither can resist the attraction that they have. Add to that the fact that they both have wrong impressions about who the other really is and you find a fun filled romance.

Thoughts: I really like Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Her romances are contemporary and fun - but give you rich girls gone bad (or really gone remarkably good). They have the sort of relationships where you can see a hint of real life in them but are a good portion fantasy. (At least I have no friends who marry guys who work in carnivals.)

I love the emotional component that is added. It is never just a misunderstanding that drives them apart - but instead some core differences. But true love always wins out in the end. And in this case even a manipulative and evil father can't stop them from being together.

My recommendation - if you are looking for a fun read that has the naive girl and the wordly man, with neither being quite what they seem at first - this is the book for you.

What genre would you consider this?


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