Saturday, May 9, 2009

Book Review: Undone

Undone by Rachel Caine

Description: A Djinn is a powerful being that can control all sorts of things. When Cassiel does something that her ruler Ashan disagrees with she gets the ultimate punishment. She is sent to Earth and forced to be human. She of course isn't completely human and needs something to survive - and she can get that from the Weather Wardens.

Cassiel earns her keep and gets a touch of power by working with the Weather Wardens. Of course things are never simple. Someone seems to be after her partner Manny Rocha. Something is threatening him and his family. Cassie doesn't think she had emotions like she does now -but she will stop at nothing to destroy those that want to destroy those caring for her.

I have read several books in the Weather Warden series and enjoyed them. I thought they got harder to follow the more books into the series I got. I definitely like this almost resetting of the story with new characters.

Cassiel is one of those characters you start by loving to hate. She seems cold and mean but once you see her story progress you see her as a loving and protective person who wants what is best for all of those around her.

When finishing the book I have to admit that I was sad it was done. I wanted to know more about her history. I wanted more of the Rocha family. I guess we will see where the next book takes us.

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