Monday, May 18, 2009

Book Review: The Step-Mother

The Step-Mother by Carrie Adams
Bea divorces Jimmy because he just isn't there for her. And you know what - even after the divorce things look like they haven't changed. But they have worked past many of their issues and are best friends again. They live for their children and Bea starts to wonder if they should be together again.

But Jimmy has met Tessa King and moved on. He has found a new woman to love. For Tessa walking into a ready made family complete with a mom/best friend is a lot to live up to. Jimmy talks about Bea as if she is perfection and maybe she is. Can a step-mother ever live up to that reputation? What does Jimmy and Bea's relationship mean for his relationship with Tessa?

If everyone is truthful can a wonderful couple and many friendships be made?

Thoughts: What a thought provoking book. You are married with children. You decide that you and your husband don't belong together (maybe because of communication problems and secrets) so you move on. Your ex-husband becomes your friend - but still has all the same issues that he had when you were together. But you realize how special he is too you and your life.

So you decide that you should be back together. But what you don't realize is part of the reason he is being so wonderful is because he has a new woman in his life - and it isn't you or your daughters. How do you deal with it?

What is it like to be the "other" woman? You want to make your new boyfriend happy - but you also want to make his children happy. Add a teen to that dynamic and things only get more complicated. Your husband still loves his ex (even if only as a friend and the mother of his children) so does that mean they belong together? Can you ever live up to his expectations or those of his children or family? How do you live with a paragon?

Add to that the fact that nothing is as they seem. The reason the couple broke up is not what you think it is. The life at home with the so-called perfect mother - isn't perfect at all. Can you be friends with your ex's new wife? What about your ex? How does that impact everything?

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Family Dynamics



Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Great review. This one certainly looks interesting.

Darlene said...

Great review. I've got to read this book one of these days. I read The Godmother and loved it. Have you read that one? Tessa is in it too.