Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twilight on Audio

So I read all the Twilight series and really enjoyed it. I wasn't one of those people who didn't enjoy the 4th book at all. I thought it was a good wrap up of an interesting series.

So I thought lets get all the books on Audio and listen to them one after another. It allows me to semi-focus on other things while I listen - since I already know the story (some audio books require 100% focus in order to stay on top of the story.)

I just finished Twilight and while it was still good - I didn't enjoy it at as much as the first time.

Did any of you reread the books? What was your impression of it the second time around? Is it a side effect of listening to it instead of reading it?

What do you think makes a great book? For me it is both the first time reading it - as the last time reading it. If it is a good book I want to keep it and read it often. And every time I read it another nuance shows up that makes me love it even more. In terms of a series - it is the preparation in thinking ahead. A smart series alludes to what is going to happen in the future books - without making you think that is what happens. So that if you go back and reread it you see all the connections and intertwinglings that you hadn't realized the first time.

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