Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Exchange

The Exchange by Inga C. Ellzey

What was this book about?
Jewelle Dawson (formerly known as Elinore) took down the Gambrelini crime family years before. Now she has spent the last eight years in the Witness Protection Program. She has been living the quiet life and she is ready for something to change. So she decides to go on a four week Mediterranean cruise.

She gets there and starts to make friends immediately. There is Randy the quiet girl who is taking care of her dieing mother. Paul – her dinner mate – that has told her all his secrets but she isn’t quite ready to tell him hers. And exciting and rich Max who wants to show her the good life. Throw in Jewelle’s favorite author Frances Wakefield who is on her own adventure and you have a great group of people.

But everyone has their secrets. And Jewelle can’t help but fall for both Paul and Max. Which one is the right man for her? And what happens when her past rears it’s ugly head?

What did you think about the book?

I have to admit that there were some things that I wasn’t expected thrown at me in this book. Which for me to be taken off guard by some sort of realization – it means that it is a good thing because it is so unusual.

I think the cover part that says “The right murder. The wrong person. The perfect love story.” threw me off a little when I was trying to figure out where the story was going. I don’t know what I would consider this book in terms of genres. It definitely has a sub plot of love. But the competing love interests that both love the main character and seem to good people – make it hard for me to consider this a love story (usually with a love story there is one man you are rooting for and the other one is some sort antagonist. I didn’t think that was the case in this book.)

There really isn’t a whodunit part of the book – either which doesn’t classify it as a mystery. But it is a good book – well written and kept my attention while I was reading it (and half watching election coverage – which again is no small feat!) There is an action component in the fact that the main character is trying to get away from the mob – but again it isn’t the whole theme of the book.

So if you want a book with a little bit of everything – consider this one!


Question for you!
Would you be able to give up your family, friends, and life in the witness protection program? What would be the hardest thing to leave behind?

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