Friday, November 28, 2008


Noah by Jacquelyn Frank

What was this book about?

Noah is the demon king. He has been having crazy dreams and knows it is now time to find his soul mate. When he finds her he realizes it may be too late. Thankfully he can use both the child Leah and the Druid Corrine to find her and save her.

He does find and save Kestra, bringing her back to his castle. But Kestra isn’t going to roll over and let him take care of everything. She is threatened by him and his emotions (as she has had many bad experiences that have left her this way).

Can Noah convince Kestra that his love is real? Can she love him back after her own problems? Add into this an unrestful kingdom and everyone is in danger if they do not figure out how to deal with everything new that has been thrown at them.

What did you think about the book?

I have enjoyed the “Nightwalkers” series for the most part. Some books I thought were better then others but the idea of Druids and Demons and finding your soul mate is always something that I will enjoy reading about.

I don’t know if this book is the conclusion of the series (I definitely hope not) but for me this in many ways closed out parts of the books. I guess there are a few characters I would like to see find love – but Noah was big on the list of “people” that needed to do so.

I enjoyed the book – a strong woman character – who has trust issues being loved by a man who can’t help but love her heart and soul. She doesn’t know how to take it.

The only question for me was what about the prophesy at the beginning of the book. She isn’t supposed to be able to have children – does that mean she is going to? Will we find out in the next book?

What genre would you consider this?

Paranormal Romance


Question for you?

What books that you have read have left you unsatisfied with the ending? That you wished would go on just a little bit more? (And not just cause you love them).

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