Tuesday, November 25, 2008

House Husband

House Husband by Ad Hudler

What was this book about?

Linc was once a successful landscape architect to the stars. But his wife Jo gets a job opportunity in Rochester, NY and the family picks up and moves. He stays at home with daughter Violet and Jo goes on to being a high powered hospital executive.

But Linc finds the home to be overwhelming – he has so much to do. He really wants to do his best for Violet and for Jo. But he is also fighting the stereotypes of the people around them – from Jo’s work colleagues, to the women in the neighborhood.

He is struggling to find his place in this new family. Part of him wants to return to work – but what does that do to Jo and Violet? Can he trust anyone else with his family?

What did you think about the book?

I really think that Ad Hudler is a genius. I love his books, his perspective, it just keeps me riveted.

I think one of my favorite “revelations” of things that I just never thought about since I have no children and neither my husband nor I stay home with them (since they don’t exist) at this time has to do with men. When he is on the playground playing with his daughter a woman comes up (to help) and thinks that he is some sort of deviant. Because what sort of dad would be there playing with his child during a work day? She figures his intentions are bad and that he really isn’t any relation to the child. He is of course offended by that.

But when it comes to the whole taking his daughter to the bathroom there is another mindset there. He doesn’t want her in the men’s room (with the urinals etc) but he also sometimes has to go – or she has to go and he can’t take her into the women’s room either. He has taught his child that if something happens and they are separated she should go find a woman – not a man. He realizes that he too has this bias against his own sex.

This book is more of Linc struggling with wanting to stay home with his child and wanting a career outside of his home. And I found all parts of it to be thoughtful and revealing of what life would be like for him and other stay at home fathers.

What genre would you consider this?

Family Dynamics


Question for you?
Do you think the author is right – that we teach our children that men are more of the “bad” people then women? How does that affect a stay at home dad?

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