Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wild Card

Wild Card by Lora Leigh

What was this book about?

Nathan and Sibella were in love from the start. But Nathan was a Navy SEAL and it was his duty to go out and save the world. One of his missions went terribly wrong and it left Sibella believing he was dead. Meanwhile he was fighting off the pain and damage that had been done to his body.

Nathan has become Noah Blake – his old name and life left firmly in the past. When a new mission has brought him back to his hometown and Bella he can’t stay away from her. Belle can’t know who he really is – but she has been living a life of danger – and been locked away in a haze of depression. She has started to move on, but how will Noah in her life change that? Can they be together after so many years apart? Will he leave her again?

What did you think about the book?

If you are looking for something with very hot and heavy sex scenes and a man that is combustible this is the book for you. Noah has a history that has made him border on crazy – from the drugs that were given to him to the violence. And that all plays out in this book.

I have to admit I appreciated the relationship of Nathan and Belle in that they both hid something at the beginning of their relationship. She was what she thought he wanted and he was what she wanted and in the end by not being the true person that they are – it destroyed their marriage. He didn’t think she was capable of finding out the truth. And also neither of them were getting as much fulfillment as they could have from being together (emotionally and sexually).

Overall I enjoyed this book and would be willing to read more by this author. I found it to be almost a new type of romance novel.

What genre would you consider this?
Erotic Romance


Question for you!
Does it bother you when the hero’s are really aggressive to the point of almost violence (though never violent to the heroine)?

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