Friday, November 7, 2008

Noontime Book Chat - Off Season

We are back again with a noontime book chat - this time at all three sites!

What is the schedule?
Monday at J. Kaye's Book Blog
Tuesday at A Blog of Books
Wednesday at Literarily
Thursday at A Blog of Books
Friday is the wrap up and will be at Literarily, A Blog of Books, and J. Kaye's Book Blog.

I was hoping today to see what you all thought of Lilly's husband Cam telling someone else his deepest, darkest secret before telling her? Do you think it was fair of him to do so since she didn't tell him about her darkest secret as well? How did that effect their relationship over time?

I truly thing that for him to tell someone else that story (especially someone of the opposite sex) that it required a deep emotional connection - that regardless of whether they did anything sexual at all - I would consider that the beginning of a breakdown in my relationship.

Part of me sees that their relationship (Lilly and Cam) was based initially less on substance and more at just feeling an immediate connection. And because of that they both felt they had to retain some sort of facade for a while. They wanted the other person to see them as perfect - so they kept hidden anything they thought may change the other's view of them.

Do you think you could keep that sort of secret from your spouse or significant other? How would you feel if you found out they had told someone else? Especially someone who had a history of being jealous of you?

One last question - who did you feel was Lilly's soul mate? Jon or Cam? If they both were available who do you think she would have picked? Does the fact that one was a childhood love and the other an adult love change things?


Anonymous said...

I finally have my wrap up posted. So sorry to leave everyone hanging there...ugh! Nightmare day. :(

In the end, that was Jon. He'd been there for her. I think Cam haunted the house, but both were there for her. Cam at first, but I thought he left her in the car. She just assumed that Cam was back at the house when she got back. I think it was Jon then.

Soulmate? Hands down, Jon. Cam screwed around with Peaches or that's how I took it. The son of Peaches that looked just like Cam. God, what a vicious person Peaches was.

Secrets...I think we all have them. I am pretty open, but I have things I don't wish to spotlight in my life. I don't hide them, but I don't get the flashlight and shine it on them either.

You talked about Cam and Lily - their relationship. Gosh, you brought up some really good things. feeings.

I felt that Cam was an extension of her father. Someone to keep her safe. Do you remember what Aunt Tatty said when Lily asked if she loved her father? I can't remember the exact quote, but it was something like there is more than just love to a marriage. I think that's what she and Cam had, something more, something from their past had forever changed them and that's what connected them. It gave them an emotional connection neither was aware of.

Jon and Lily hadn't had the opportunity to be corrupted by the pain of loss.

Over all, did you like the book? Will you read more from this author?

Book Maniac said...

As I have mentioned several times - I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. That being said - once I got into the book I did enjoy it quite a bit. So I probably would read more from this author.

Anonymous said...

Nikki, That ending did me in. I was writing my thoughts about it so that I can post a review and realized I was still upset. How pathetic is that? (lol)

Jan said...

As soon as I put this book down I had to find a blog to confirm my worst fears about Cam's betrayal with the horrid Peaches. I just could not bear to believe the ending. Now that I know what I feared was true IS true, I can just deliberate the whole story. Whew. It was too much to handle. I love love love ARSiddon books. She is one of the best out there.