Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book Review :What Would Jane Austen Do

What Would Jane Austen Do by Laurie Brown

Description:Eleanor travels to England to pursue her dream - historical clothing. When she stays at an inn she has stayed at before she is relegated to the tower room which is supposedly inhabited by ghosts. And what does she find? The ghosts themselves. They are two sisters that need her to go back in time to prevent a dual that killed their brother.

The next thing Eleanor knows she is back in the Regency era - living in the same house as the living, breathing versions of her ghosts. There is more behind the scenes then meets the eye with this family.

It gives Eleanor the opportunity to meet a man and fall in love with someone who is a true hero - even if it means leaving him behind when she returns to the present. It allows her to meet her very own favorite author - Jane Austen. The experiences that she has she would never give up. But she can't be distracted by all of that - she has a job to do as well!

Thoughts: What an adorable book. I have read Jane Austen books but wouldn't consider myself a Jane Austin-ophile. So while the premise of this book was interesting to me - I didn't anticipate that it would grab me and make me want to keep reading like it did.

Really Laurie Brown took a story that would be otherwise engaging and added a touch of a literary heroine to it in order to bring it together in even a better way. Yes, if you expect it to be mostly about Jane Austen you would be disappointed - but the story gives you so much more it is great.

You don't know who the man is that Eleanor is to save. Is the good guy the man that she is attracted to and can't help but be attracted to him either? Especially if he can't remember where he came from? Or is the guy the brother of the sister's that sent her back in time? It all is a fun story that keeps you intrigued. I also love that how with most time travel romances - the heroine either has no clue what to do - or seems to know exactly what to do. With this story it is all explained by the heroine's love of Jane Austen. Her books taught her so much about life lessons and other things that she knew what was acceptable and what wasn't.

A wonderful happy ending story that I highly recommend!

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Angela said...

Thanks for the review. I already have this book on my to-read list, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

Darlene said...

I just read another review of this book and it sounds so good. I hadn't heard of it till now but it's on my list to read now. Thanks for the review.