Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Review: Dial Emmy for Murder

Dial Emmy for Murder by Eileen Davidson

Alexis Peterson is a soap star who looks to have it all. Of course life is never that easy. She loves her daughter and has a supportive mother. She has moved to a new soap because of the problems she had at her last one (everyone thought she was a murderer for a while - and who can work like that)? But she has moved on and is ready to present at the Daytime Emmy Awards. But for Alexis life throws her a curve ball - and in this case it is a fellow soap star dead on the awards show.

Many people would go their own way - but Alexis can't leave a mystery alone. And she can't help her attraction to Dective Frank Jakes either. Both drag her into another mystery that maybe only she can solve - as she has all the inside scoops. But being a detective can mean danger. Can Alexis figure it all out in time?

Thoughts: This was my first Eileen Davidson book. From what I an tell she has several Alexis Peterson books out there. And it was different to read a book about a soap star from the perspective of someone who really is a soap star. She seems to take the world as it is. She is lucky (or at least Alexis is) to have what she has. She works hard but she gets lots of benefits. And beyond that is this idea that she loves a mystery. It makes me think that if I could Eileen would be a great person to meet in real life. The books are written as if the "star" is down to earth and knows what is important to her - mainly her family.

Add a touch of romance and a murder mystery and you have a very entertaining book. I am not a big mystery reader (my interest comes and goes) but I would definitely be willing to pick up another one of these books!

What genre would you consider this?


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