Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book Review: Dead and Gone

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

Description: Sookie is excited - the weres are going to come out. It has been a while since the vampires have done it and now the Were community has decided to try it. It can't go wrong can it? Except it seems to be a problem.

Add to that her great grandfather the fairy Naill is back. He loves Sookie and wants to protect her. But his enemies know that she is in his life. And they figure why not just hurt the expendable human. Sookie has a lot of friends but can they protect her from all of these enemies?

Thoughts: I have been a Sookie Stackhouse fan for a while now. I have enjoyed the books and kept picking them up whenever they would come out. Imagine my surprise (and feeling of stupidity) when I picked this one up and it explained to me that the TV show I had been hearing so much about (and yet never seen) on HBO - True Blood was based on the books. All of a sudden I couldn't believe that I had totally missed it. I mean I like vampires. I had heard of True Blood but because it was on HBO hadn't paid any attention to it. Well now I will have to.

I liked this Sookie book quite a bit. Sookie has been progressing as a charecter as things have changed in her world. Her brother isn't the man she wishes he would be. She loves Eric (but is that because of their blood bond or cause she really does love him)? Then there are her conflicted feelings for Bill. I mean he was her first love but something has changed. This book explores Sookie's view on family and how having a brother who is a bit of an a** has changed her perspective and made her want just anyone who can love her and care for her. Even if it means he is a fairy and she can't totally trust him.

I would defintly recommend this series and if you can start at the begining. Then you will understand the depth of these feelings she has for everyone.

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