Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Review: Marriage 101

Marriage 101 by Deborah Shelley

Description: Rachel Levin is the new teacher on the block. And she is teaching the one class that the students are known to hate - marriage! She doesn't have a relationship currently but believes she knows what you need to know in order to make them work.

Enter Danny Riccuci. Danny has grown up in a family where everyone is divorced. He believes he carries the divorce gene. So the last thing he wants is a relationship - especially with someone who believes they can make marriage work no matter what. But when he realizes he is drawn to Rachel he starts to wonder - can he make marriage work?

Thoughts: What a fun premise. Imagine you think you know everything about relationships and want to teach it to high school kids. They of course resent the idea that a single teacher who is new to the school is making them pair up with others that they just don't like. So when the schools coach can't help himself and takes a bet to be your "spouse" it smooths the transition for you with your teaching.

I just really liked it. It wasn't the book I thought it would be based on the cover. (I am not used to short romance novels in hardcover etc.) And I think that in this case I was judging the book by the cover. But I picked it up anyways and am glad I did. It is a quick fun read and I loved all the characters. I would definitely recommend it.

What genre would you consider this?


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Alyce said...

The title and the cover of the book would have made me think it was a self-help book. It does sound like a fun premise.