Thursday, July 30, 2009

Book Review: Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James

Description: Payton Kendall knew from the minute she met J.D. Jameson that he was going to make her work life interesting. As both are lawyers in the same firm they are constantly competing for everything - including the opportunity to be partner. For some reason they have rubbed each other the wrong way (but they also have had an undeniable attraction for one another). When a case comes up that they both must work on they realize that the things they thought they knew about the other aren't all true. But can two dedicated lawyers give up some of their career aspirations in order to be together?

Thoughts: I liked it a lot. It had more story then a lot of contemporary romances and yet kept you entertained. The characters are likable and fallible. They have great jobs, lots of money, and yet are still not totally satisfied with their lives. Add to that the fact that a misunderstanding at the beginning can start people on the wrong track and you have the makings of a very fun story. If you like these genre of books I would recommend it.

What genre would you consider this?


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Beth Gray said...

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