Monday, September 22, 2008

A Bad Bride’s Tale

A Bad Bride’s Tale by Polly Williams

What was this book about?

Stevie Jonson is about to get married. Her younger sister seems to have it all – a husband and two (soon to be three) children. She realizes soon that maybe she jumped into this and that her soon to be husband isn’t what she really wants. This thought is aggravated by the return of her childhood friend and crush into her life.

Stevie doesn’t know if she should take what she can get or keep trying for something better. She fights the battle of knowing she is getting older and wondering if she doesn’t settle down now – will she ever find anyone.

What did you think about the book?

I really felt for Stevie. I can’t imagine going into a wedding with those kinda doubts. You are almost forced to continue. You have spent all this money (or your parents have), you have all these expectations placed on you. And it just isn’t right for you. But it almost is as if it has movement of its own and it will come barreling forward no matter what.

I have friends in their 30’s that definitely have gotten the single girl is getting old urge. Where they feel rushed into settling down, finding someone, having children. Everyone else is doing it. And you are told (from your mid-20s) that you better have children soon. Your eggs are drying up. Yes you can get all those scientific procedures to have a child but it won’t be that easy (or that cheap).

So for me this book kinda covers all these issues while still dealing with the main story line.

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