Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Smart One and the Pretty One

The Smart One and the Pretty One by Claire LaZebnik

What was this book about?

Lauren and Ava Nickerson are sisters who have lived states away. When Lauren returns to LA, Ava can’t help but feel that they are falling into their old roles. Lauren is the undependable one. She makes plans and forgets them. Has trouble with money and can’t stop shopping. Meanwhile Ava is dependable, smart, and has a great job. But she feels like her sister outshines her. Lauren attracts people like bees to honey, and yet Ava has a hard time even getting a date.

When Lauren finds papers that her parents signed years ago – betrothing Ava to a neighbor boy things start to change. Lauren realizes that flitting from thing to thing may not be all that satisfying. And Ava realizes that she can be the pretty one too.

What did you think about the book?

How fun – the relationship between sisters is an emotional rollercoaster. It is amazing how siblings get typecasted. Not just in the good ways but the bad as well. It is hard to move outside your roll in the family – whether it is the pretty one or the smart one.

This book is smart in how it deals with it. Something everyone who feels like they are the smart one or the pretty one should read. Life is not perfect on other side of the fence no matter who you are. And that changing a little can reap rewards that you will never expect.

What genre would you consider this?

Family Dynamics


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