Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Touch of Twilight

The Touch of Twilight by Vicki Pettersson (The Third Sign of the Zodiac)

What was this book about?

We again find the Archer doing what she is supposed to do. Joanna who now pretends to be her half-sister Olivia is a agent of the Light. She is special though – she has both Light and Dark in her (her mother was an agent of the Light and her father is The Tulpa – the leader of the dark).

We find that things that Joanna has done before is affecting the agents of the Light. There is a prophesy that says she will turn towards her Dark side. She must prove to herself and the other agents of Light that it is not what she is doing.

Meanwhile old enemies are knocking at the door and trying to take out Ben. Ben was her lover in her former life as Joanna. He is also the father of the daughter she is trying to protect (by not letting anyone know about her). All this leads to a busy life.

What did you think about the book?

This is an interesting series with a very different sort of premise. So I have to say I was excited to see the next book in the series and where it would take us. While I enjoyed the book – I was a little disappointed to see the revelation of facts of how all this happened, where the mother is etc. We get some new ideas of how their world works but generally speaking we just didn’t move that much forward in this book.

Would I recommend it? Yes. I will say while I enjoy the series it is one of those that I feel dark when it is finished. Almost a little dirty. It isn’t that it is bad – just not anywhere in it is a feel good moment. Even those are awash with pain, suffering, and regret.

What genre would you consider this?


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