Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When Will There Be Good News

When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson

What was this book about?

You start by meeting Joanna Mason. She is a small child with a simple life. Then tragedy strikes. She is forced to live with the violence that occurred to her as a small child for the rest of her life. She has to think about what she would have done differently if she could have.

Joanna has grown up and become a doctor – helping out those in need. She has a loving husband and a child of her own that she dotes on. She has a babysitter 16 year old Reggie who loves the child as if it is her own. What Joanna doesn’t realize is that Reggie’s life isn’t what it seems to be.

Meanwhile Jackson Brodie is trying to find what is missing in his life (is it a child, himself, what could it be). He is a victim of a freak train accident that brings him into all of their lives.

So many people with lives that seem to be on a specific path – when all of a sudden their paths merge and they must chose what happens next.

What did you think about the book?

For me this is the perfect book club book. Why? It is definitely interesting enough to keep you wanting to read, has a touch of mystery, a touch of learning about human insight, and just generally is an easy read. At the same time there is so much more then just the surface when thinking about this book.

Now it is a little dark and depressing. It isn’t a feel good book where finishing it makes you feel like the sun is shining and all is right in the world. But I don’t think that it takes away from the book – in fact I think it adds to it.

What genre would you consider this?


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