Saturday, September 13, 2008

Belong to Me

Belong to Me by Maris De Los Santos

What was this book about?

Neighborhood dynamics at their finest. Cornelia – moved from New York with her georgeous husband Teo. She has her secrets as to why they moved. She just doesn’t seem to be accepted here either though. Lake – a single mother with a genius for a child. Deve the boy who wants to find out who his family really is. Elizabeth – dieing of cancer, leaving behind a husband and children. Piper – the woman who looks like she is a hardened woman, but really cares more for her family and friends then anyone else.

They each find a place in each other’s lives. But that will affect their relationship with the outside world. Everyone has their secrets – but can they still be friends when these secrets are revealed?

What did you think about the book?

I have to admit it was a bit predictable. Did it take away from the story at all? Not completely. But from the beginning I knew who was going to get together, who was going to break up, who’s secrets would be found out and how they would be told.

Other then that though it was a very interesting neighborhood dynamic story. Not just divorce is covered but the pain of losing a child, losing a mother, losing a relationship, and gaining all those things as well. It is all about relationships and how they intertwine.

What genre would you consider this?

Family Dynamics


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