Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Quite a Mom

Not Quite a Mom by Kristen Sawyer

What was this book about?

Elizabeth Castle is finally moving towards what she wants in life. She moved away from her small town and didn’t look back. She is on TV, has a boyfriend who finally proposed and things are going her way. But it doesn’t last long – she finds out that a very old friend who she hasn’t talked to in years has died and left her – her teenage daughter.

Elizabeth wasn’t ready for this. Her fiancĂ© dumps her. She doesn’t know what to do with a teenager. She wants her old life back.

Meanwhile old high school date turned lawyer Buck is here to help her get through it all. Can he make her realize this new life is what she wants – not her old one?

What did you think about the book?

Some things I very much enjoyed about this book. This includes things like the fact that if you drop a child into someone’s life who hasn’t had children in it – it isn’t just roses. In fact it affects everything in your life and can destroy the things that you most wanted. So it isn’t just the death of a friend and guiding a young person through their own difficulties – but so much more.

I have to say though that I thought Buck was a wimp. He hadn’t seen his high school crush in years but was willing to let her walk all over him. I don’t know why he would ever keep wanting to be a part of her life when he heard about her stalking adventures with her ex. Yes she has redeeming qualities – but he hasn’t seen them in years. So why hold onto that. I was surprised that reality didn’t shock him into something.

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