Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bride Needs Groom

Bride Needs Groom by Wendy Markham

What was this book about?

Mia Calogera’s grandpa is going to disown her if she doesn’t get married soon. Which is a big deal considering that he won the lottery and has been supporting her since her teens. Mia isn’t ready to get married but knows she needs that money – and she isn’t ready to fall into her grandpa’s own plans for her getting married.

So Mia goes to vegas – ready to marry a man she met online – Derek. Yet on the plane she meets Dominic Chicakalini. Dominic has always been involved with many women and isn’t ready to settle down yet (or so he thinks). But marriage seems to be everywhere around him – he is even sitting next to a bride on the plane.

But Mia and Dominic can’t deny that there is an attraction there. Can this attraction and possibly love live through the real world?

What did you think about the book?

I liked the book. The impressions I got of Mia and Dominic in the previous book I read about the Chickalini family were wrong. They didn’t just fall into the fortune tellers wisdom and get married but there was a lot more going on.

I definitely also enjoyed the lottery money taking Mia’s family out of a life of drudgery and yet still keeping them grounded in their community and realizing their things were just things. For Mia it was harder but she learned the lesson as well.

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