Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (Final Book in the
Twilight Series)

What was this book about?

Bella and her vampire boyfriend Edward have graduated. Bella is convinced that she wants to become a vampire before she becomes to old – she doesn’t want to look old to Edward’s forever 17 years old. Edward has made Bella promise to get married to him before making that permanent bond that she will have to live with. And she has agreed. It will be hard for her friends and family to understand but she does it.

Bella also has her relationship with Jacob – a werewolf who has it out for vampires – especially Edward. When Bella’s wedding is finished and she goes off on a honeymoon only to return very – very ill. Everyone has to bond together to make sure that Bella is ok. The results of this will have repercussions to come.

What did you think about the book?

I had heard all sorts of things about this book and set myself up to be disappointed. And you know what – I really wasn’t. Yes, this book has a slightly different feel then the other books. It is more “adult”. I couldn’t imagine getting married and having a family at the age of 18/19. And I would imagine that most teens would identify with that feeling. So the world of “Twilight” left behind the teen world and instead moved on to the rest of Bella’s life.

I almost feel like that would be required. It is difficult to wrap up a series that has gotten so much acclaim. People have started to feel for you characters and each have envisioned where they should go from here. And to write a last book in a series you have to wrap up your own strings as well as try to meet the expectations of so many others. And make them feel like they know what is going to happen after it. And yet I felt satisfied with the conclusion. I knew why I had met who I met in previous books (it was part of a larger plan) and I also knew enough to make my own story of where their lives progressed after it all ends.

What genre would you consider this?
Paranormal Teen Romance


Spoilers: Yes – Bella and Edward live happily ever after. And even their daughter gets to live and find a mate. Jacob also finds his way into the family (by bonding with Renesmee). It is a nice happy end to a fun series.

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