Friday, January 23, 2009

Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm by Carly Phillips (Book 1 in the Lucky Series)

What was this book about?

There is a curse on all Corwin men. A witch proclaimed that if they ever found love they would lose their love and their wealth. And all Corwin’s over the years have definitely lived up to that curse.

For Derek that mean leaving his high school love Gabrielle – so that she (and he) could live a long life. He has seen the curse work its evil magic and won’t risk their friendship and love for anything. Now years have passed and Derek has still been cursed. He is now divorced (from a woman he never loved) and has an 11 year old daughter. He has lost much of his money. He is back in his home town and he never would have believed that Gabrielle would back there as well.

Gabrielle is a famous author who writes books debunking the paranormal. So it seems perfect that she has decided to go home and debunk the curse that affected her life so much – the Corwin curse.

But there is a lot more going on then just a curse. Can she and Derek find each other? Can they face the possibility of pain?

What did you think about the book?

I wanted more. And while that is a good thing the other problem is that I felt that it all ended too soon. Maybe more of their story (and the curse’s) will be covered in the future books – but as of right now there was no promise of happily ever after (then again who has that assurance). But for this story it is important in order to feel closure.

Other then feeling the ending was a little rushed – I enjoyed the book quite a bit. The idea that the “power-hungry” of a small town can make everyone believe something that maybe isn’t rational is real. The relationship between Gabby and Derek is deep and easy to see how they could jump back into old habits despite so many years apart.

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Question for You!

Do you believe in curses? Do you think it is more how you think about things that make you believe in them – more then their own actual power?

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Hudson said...

I want to run out and buy this intriguing book. I believe in karma more than anything. I think the vibes we give out in life come back to us. If we are always positive then we tend to walk around this life with positive glasses on. Hudson and Mary Jo