Friday, January 30, 2009

The Lucky One

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

What was this book about?

Logan Thibault finds a photo of a woman abandoned on the ground in Iraq. He has been a soldier there several times before. He tries to find the owner but when that doesn’t happen – he keeps it. It becomes his lucky charm. He wins when others lose, he lives when others die. He realizes that his fate is tied to whoever is in that photo.

He travels from his home in Colorado to North Carolina to try to find the woman in the picture. And surprisingly he finds her. Elizabeth, a divorced mother with a son who wants his father to love and support him but seems to be unable to. The ex, Keith wants to keep Elizabeth single and doesn’t like this interloper in their lives.

Elizabeth doesn’t know about the photo – or what really brought Thibault to her. Can she forgive him for the lie of omission? Is the photo really lucky?

What did you think about the book?

I liked this book – Nicholas Sparks is very good at writing books that touch at the heart. The characters are flawed and a little out there (I mean who walks the whole way to North Carolina from Colorado) but they don’t cross the line to a point where you think they are just weird.

They have histories and pasts that make them the people they are. They aren’t totally unlikable – but instead have their own agendas and want to fulfill them. It focuses more on the relationships between a man and a woman, a woman and her son, and so many more then anything else.

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Question for You!
Do you have something that brings you luck?

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this one too. I like his books when I get super stressed out. ;)