Thursday, January 29, 2009


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What was this book about?

Josie is a graduate student with the perfect job. She is the nanny for a single doctor who has two children. One only a year old and the other in first grade. She has a special connection with the first grader and he loves her for it.

When Josie’s boss, Mary, invites over some other doctors she meets Devesh. It is awkward as Mary has a crush on him and yet he is interested in Josie. The relationship between Josie and Devesh progresses without Mary’s knowledge. Devesh and Josie enjoy playing games of sexual domination and submission – with Josie being punished over and over.

When that starts to cross the line into her everyday life Josie needs to make some decisions.

What did you think about the book?

Ok I really didn’t like this book. It is well written and the plot moves at a reasonable pace – and the character is very introspective and learns things about herself and her family and her past. Normally these things all combine to make a book that I think – wow – interesting. But in this case there was something in it that made me go – I don’t like this and I can’t encourage people to read it.

I have covered the plot above. I have no problems with the main character’s fetishes. I think the thing that bugs me a lot is her projection of them onto the children that she is nannying. She should not be in that position. If I was a mother and even guessed that the person who was watching my children (who was not me) was into that – I think even if they were great people I couldn’t allow them near my children (then again I am overly protective). If it is your thing that is fine – but I only know what is going in my head – not anyone elses – some people may be able to handle I and have distinct separate lives – while others cannot.

Josie’s character crosses the line and realizes it. Yet she remains in the situation. So it isn’t that the book is that bad – but more that it crosses a line for me. As soon as the book started I was thinking – I wish there were no children in this.

What genre would you consider this?

Can’t figure it out


Question for You!

What is crossing the line for you? That no matter what the story line would just be too much for you?


Raymonty said...

Interesting article, I make my own lines as my life proceeds up hill and when I am rolling down I try to keep out of other peoples way. From a mans point of view,I feel that I need to be on top.

Luanne said...

Not one I would have picked up or finished!