Tuesday, January 20, 2009

People are Idiots and I can Prove It!

People are Idiots and I can Prove it by Larry Winget

What was this book about?
Ever complained about something in your life not going well? Your business? Your weight? Money? Your children? Life in general?

This book is designed to help you take charge of those things. Larry Winget (the author) realizes some things are out of your control - but that generally speaking we make our lives. So if you want to be something or have something - do something about it. Stop sabotaging everything you do.

What did you think about the book?
If you aren't ready for an in your face, blunt style of writing then this isn't the book for you. In some cases (for me at least) this didn't hurt my feelings but instead told me outright some of the things that I probably already know - but don't think about. It made me want to do better - stop moaning about what was wrong and instead do something about it.

For me - the book was especially "funny" - because I felt like much of it was being read by my father (in fact I probably will pass this book on to him). Some of the things that Larry talks about are those kinda common sense things that my dad always tells me. Stop complaining that you don't have enough money - do something about it. Stop complaining that you aren't thin enough - do something about it. Stop just following the masses.

I have yet to do the real book involved in reading this book - actually making the lists the author wants me to. Which to the author probably means that I don't really want to change. But I think either way this is a nice step forward.

So if you want an interesting book that will keep you entertained with family stories and the truth, meanwhile teaching and motivating you to move your life forward in the direction that you want it to go in - this is the book for you!

What genre would you consider this?
Self Help


Question for You!

What do you want to change about yourself?

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